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AlphaBots Analytics Pvt Ltd is a quantitative investment and analytics firm based out of Bangalore. 

Our Investment Portfolio ranges across multiple asset classes. This diverse approach is facilitated by extensive research into the quirks that each individual market displays and data analytics that blends human intelligence and raw computational power.

We aim to become India’s leading investment firm specializing in algorithmic trading. This lofty aspiration comes from our specialized trading algorithms based on strategies that are currently exclusive to our company and not available anywhere else in the trading sphere.



Quantitative Investment

Combining Human Ingenuity and Artificial Intelligence to craft effective trading strategies.

Data Science

Extensive data analytics coupled with highly sensitive algorithms to create strategies that adjust to the various complexities of Real-time markets.

Algo Trading

Adopting the most comprehensive strategies to create bots that think with fluidity and trade with precision.

Robust Risk Management

Securing Funds using comprehensive policy and processes that insulate investments from market volatility.


Trading Without Boundaries

We handle financial investments from around the world, trading in the most diverse sets of asset classes including equities, commodities and currencies.


Action inspired by Research

We are constantly looking to  create new strategies and refine old processes through  our extensive research and application specific analysis.


Technology Inspired By Experience

We seamlessly integrate traditional financial principals and quantum leaps in economics driven by the technological spurs of our time.


Artificial Intelligence From Human Inspiration​

We wish to mark our entry into the Global AI market as India’s first multi strategy Algo trading company with our proprietary research and technology.

Parth Khare

Co-Founder | Chief Investment Officer

Parth is in-charge of investment research and building trading strategies.  He is also founder of FinvestR Capital an investment advisory firm for retail and HNI. Before this Parth spent more than 6 years in the industry working with startups as well as large multinational companies.

Abhishek Bajaj

Co-Founder | Head of Investor Relations

Abhishek is in charge of Investor Relations and spearheads the Operations of the company.  He has co-founded AB NEXUS, a Fintech firm working with Niche asset classes. Prior to this, He has been in the finance industry for the past 8 years,
working with individual traders and hedge funds.

Akshay Bajaj

Head of BlockChaiN Investments

Akshay heads the blockchain research and portfolio management, having co-founded AB Nexus , a firm that deals in blockchain technology and investment he has in depth knowledge and a variety of investment strategies in this space.

K Bhaskar

Head of Operations

Bhaskar is head of operations and is in charge of all trade executions for the company.
Bhaskar has been with AlphaBots right from its inception and plays a very crucial role in the company’s day to day activities. Being a trader himself he has a distinctive skill set with respect to understanding different aspects of the Market.

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