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Alphabots has strategies for all investors -

Explore different algos under one roof.

Includes products designed for HNIs, Retail users, and low risk appetite users too.

Our Robust Process

All our trading Algos go through a meticulous process of development in-house and are back tested over long periods of time.

Risk Management

High level risk management systems are in place. There by keeping the risks low.


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Alpha Features

Simple & Hassle Free onboarding

Algo Recommendation Engine

Realistic Stimulations

Low Risk

Multiple Broker Support

Prop Trader Program


Frequently Asked Questions

We have tied up with multiple brokers and each requires a different setup to generate api keys. We a list of brokers and their setup is explained in detail here. Please Click to Know More

Same like any other investment in market ideally the time frame to invest is three years. However with the algos listed on our marketplace we recommend to test it for atleast one year.

Our whole objective is to generate returns for users If any particular algo doesnt perform we proactively monitor them. We charge only on profits above 10% in any year. More details are explained here

Yes, the user can login to their brokers web/mobile app to view live trades.

After the user deploys any algo, the request goes to the verification process where it checks the user ledgers for sufficient balance and other quality checks before it is deployed. This avoids any rejections or mis configurations in the automated trading process.

We have multiple payment options like UPI, netbanking, Credit/Debit cards etc.

Who We Are

AlphaBots Analytics Pvt Ltd is a quantitative investment and analytics firm based out of Bangalore.

Our Investment Portfolio ranges across multiple asset classes. This diverse approach is facilitated by extensive research into the quirks that each individual market displays and data analytics that blends human intelligence and raw computational power.

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